Leverage BITSCOPIC HIGH RESOLUTION data to take fast & effective actions to protect public health

Increase productivity to draw deeper insights, faster

See risks clearly and act with BITSCOPIC clinical decision support tools

Connects and enable rapid, accurate and secure expansion of your biobank.

Identify & act on emerging risks faster
Clearer insights & streamlined data reporting
Identification of trial participants & sites for faster study execution
Comprehensive laboratory workflow & genetic analysis tool for better outcomes
Get critical insights into public health & disease dynamics

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for greater speed, monitoring and prediction to fight infectious disease outbreaks. Powered by the BITSCOPIC platform, the BITSCOPIC PRAEDICO biosurveillance tool integrates and analyses vast amounts of patient records to provide critical insights to public health administrators and epidemiologists.

Bitscopic seamlessly connects your biobanking system to hospital system infrastructure to enable rapid, accurate and secure expansion of your biobank.

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