Increase productivity to draw deeper insights, faster

Laboratories play a central role in the functioning of a productive & efficient healthcare system. However, demands on lab clinicians and managers to enter, track, process & analyze data can be overwhelming. BITSCOPIC PraediGene makes this data actionable.

Powered by the BITSCOPIC data integration platform, BITSCOPIC PRAEDIGENE is a laboratory workflow tool that integrates & analyzes vast amounts of records to make the data actionable.

Once entered into the tool, lab tests are immediately available to all users for tracking, DNA analysis, report generation and more. Laboratory performance is elevated, with processing & reporting time cut drastically, and deeper insights & modeling are enabled. 

  • Real time laboratory insights with customizable reporting
  • Integrated DNA quality control checks
  • Financial dashboard to streamline invoicing and billing
“35% of delay in (clinical) studies is due to patient recruitment. Nearly one-fifth of investigators do not enroll any patients, and about one-third enroll only 5% of evaluable patients. In most programs, only one-third consistently enroll patients.” – Perspect Clin Res. 2010 Jul-Sep, 1(3): 106-109.

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