Workflow Basics: Clinical Report Generating Systems with VA Lab Data

praedigene workflo infographic

Workflow Enhancements:

Clinical Report Generation with High Resolution VA Patient Data

Sample Collection

Processing commences once samples have been sequenced, streamlining the subsequent data handling and analysis.


Quality Control Tracking

Stringent quality control algorithms automatically assess and verify the accuracy of genetic data.



Advanced algorithms transform raw genetic data into actionable insights, significantly enhancing the precision of diagnostic processes.


Deviation Alerting

Deviations are detected and their implications analyzed, providing detailed alerts that facilitate immediate corrective actions.


Corrective Actions

Automated suggestions tailored to specific deviations significantly reduce manual oversight and expedite resolution.


Integration with VISTA/EHR

This allows real-time monitoring and ensures genetic screening results are directly updated in the veteran’s health record, enhancing accuracy and access.



Detailed, easy-to-understand clinical reports are generated from analyzed data, significantly enhancing communication between laboratories and healthcare providers and supporting precise clinical decision making.


Financial Module

Once the workflow is complete, the PraediGene Financial Module seamlessly integrates completed clinical laboratory tests into the billing workflow. This software includes a comprehensive dashboard, which supports creating a one-page PDF summary report that is frequently used and referenced by VA lab services leadership. The module provides very quick and easy invoicing capabilities via PraediGene’s One-Click-Invoicing technology. The PraediGene Financial Module also provides robust reporting and analytical capabilities allowing unparalleled visibility into the referral lab network’s testing activities.


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