VA Palo Alto Hospital Begins Rollout of PraedAlert Clinical Surveillance

Palo Alto, CA, April 2021 – The US Department of Veteran’s Affairs Palo Alto Hospital has begun implementation of Bitscopic’s PraedAlert Clinical Surveillance tool.

Key benefits for implementing a Clinical Surveillance software tool include having timely alerts for Hospital Acquired Infections and targeted antimicrobial drugs, which can result in timely review and intervention to optimize clinical outcomes. The tool also provides the ability to track antimicrobial resistance as well as cost saving generated by drug therapy interventions (e.g., IV to PO conversions).  

The key reasons for selecting PraedAlert over other Clinical Surveillance Software tools were:

  • The ability to have five years of historical data immediately available at Go-Live
  • Integration of additional sources of data, such as the Emergency Care PICIS system, to give a more comprehensive picture of the overall infection control environment.
  • The ability to expand the Clinical Surveillance system and reports seamlessly across the entire network of hospitals (or “VISN” in the VA hospital network).

Further information regarding the selection of PraedAlert by VA Palo Alto is available here:

More details regarding the deployment will be shared soon.

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