Powerful Public Health Biosurveillance

Using Big Data and machine learning technologies, Praedico provides compelling visualization, analytics, and reporting capabilities with a focus on Public Health Biosurveillance and early detection, monitoring, and forecasting of infectious disease outbreaks.

With Praedico, you can: 

  • Analyze vast amounts of data across multiple EHR (Electronic Health Record) domains
  • Detect relevant abnormalities to discover the “unknown unknowns” within the data 
  • Alert users of abnormalities and share of appropriate data with key decision makers

Praedico displays an intuitive user interface with the ability to perform ad-hoc analysis tailored to user’s projects. Praedico users can identify precise search criteria for data from multiple organizational boundaries and view the results using tools that provide insights through statistical, geospatial, and machine learning analysis.

Praedico delivers the ability to search data sets without having to write complex queries, delivering:

  • Time and cost savings for healthcare providers
  • Query capability on a set of variables and merge as needed
  • Answers to complex epidemiological questions for hospital care
  • Quality monitoring for medical centers, including reports on antimicrobial stewardship, and the prevalence of HAI (hospital-acquired infections)
  • Visual awareness of infections, including distribution over time and geographic location on maps
  • Custom alerts of infection outbreak indicators presented in near real-time
  • Access retrospective data when available

Key Features:

  • Rapid and efficient integration of new data from disparate sources
  • Data migration from existing systems to an integrated data mart
  • Fully customizable multi-faceted algorithmic capabilities
  • Customizable alerts and alarms filtered by urgency for investigational use
  • On demand ad hoc data gathering and analysis
  • FISMA and FedRAMP compliance, including role-based security and auditing
  • Integrated electronic disease reporting and surveillance system with electronic laboratory reporting (ELR)
  • Enterprise login with LDAP, Active Directory, and Smart Card authentication support 
  • Big Data support
  • Production systems in use for analysis of over 3.5 billion records
  • Scalable architecture, simply add hardware on-the-fly to support more data
  • Advanced search capabilities with SQL-like query builder
  • Export data as high-resolution images of maps/graphs/charts or Excel spreadsheets
  • Multi-level data drill-downs for investigational purposes
  • Individual Workspace for each user, a sandbox to work with data
  • Social media heat map (Twitter) integration