State of the art visualization, analytics and reporting system for high acuity areas.

PraediCare enables clinicians and administrators to discover, identify, and pursue opportunities to deliver higher quality, predictable outcomes in the operating room (OR), pre- and post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and intensive care unit (ICU). Time to produce IPEC reports can be cut by up to 98%.

PraediCare has helped VISN 21 leverage data to improve patient outcomes and gain operational insights by making the data we had accessible. By eliminating data silos and creating a ‘one-stop shop’ for data and reporting, we are now able to create actionable insights from medical data on a more timely basis.” Dr. Seshadri Mudumbai, MD, MS. Staff Anesthesiologist. CIS/ARK Reporting Lead, VA Palo Alto

PraediCare provides a high-level overview so clinicians, managers, administrators and researchers can:

  • Run predefined or custom quality, compliance or efficiency reports 
  • Explore data by service, operating room, and case to reveal patterns and associations that enable operating room managers to optimize throughput and block utilization, leading to greater efficiency.  
  • Provide insights to management at all levels, including multi-hospital systems
  • Give researchers the ability to explore data for analytics and research
A selection of reports provided by PraediCare

PraediCare provides functionality for quality improvement and outcomes (both morbidity and mortality) for the surgical and critically ill patients; and the optimization of efficiency within care sites including the OR, PACU, and ICU.

With PraediCare you combine real-time operational and patient data into powerful, actionable insights for quality, compliance, and efficiency. Capture data directly from your perioperative information management system (PIMS e.g. PICIS) and integrate with VistA for additional capability.

Eliminate the need to export, format, and import data from multiple sources. Use state-of-the-art data visualization tools to empower clinical, operational, and business managers to quickly analyze and visualize workflow metrics across the entire perioperative process.