Our team is a collection of talented scientists and engineers with a unique mix of backgrounds from tech giants such as Microsoft, top university research centers, government public health agencies, and the healthcare industry. Our team members are passionate about developing applications that have a great impact on human life and well-being and are gifted in their ability to apply advanced software technologies to solve the real-world challenges such as public health informatics and biosurveillance, infection prevention, and clinical surveillance, to name a few.

Our Team

Payam Etminani
CEO and Co-Founder
Farshid Sedghi
COO and Co-Founder
Joel Mewton
Chief Technology Officer
Eugene Geis
Director of Data Sciences
Dr. Russell Ryono
Clinical Application Director
Shastri Purushotma
Director of Marketing and International Partnerships
Bill Maher
Director of Sales and Business Development
Tami Utz
Senior Product Manager
Vafa Bayat
Head of Research and Development