Praedico ˈpre-ˈdi-ko'n
Our flagship product which is a state of the art biosurveillance toolset for early detection, monitoring, and forecasting of outbreak of infectious disease. Praedico also detects other relevant abnormalities, also known as “unknown unknowns”.

Bitscopic Data Platform (BDaP)

Powerful data processing platform that handles extraction of data from a host of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, processes the data which includes cleansing, normalization, standardization, matching, and publishing of data. BDaP is available as both RDBMS and Big Data versions.

Bitscopic Research Platform (BReP)

A flexible and intuitive platform for research and analysis of healthcare data. The architecture of BReP allows for your EHR system to combine data from other sources to allow for powerful data analysis through intuitive interface.


Machine Learning

Bitscopic’s Machine learning team has extensive experience in developing models that work with great precision on very large data sets, making sense of the otherwise difficult task of understanding the data at hand. This team has previously made key contributions to Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.com, and has extensive experience working on petabytes sized data sets in an efficient manner.

Big Data & Distributed Computing

The Big data team at Bitscopic, similar to the machine learning team, brings a wealth of experience having worked on Microsoft’s Bing, and is very skilled and experienced in building large scale distributed systems for storage, processing and analytics of data. As a core part of working with Big Data, the ability to prepare the data by giving it structure, standardizing it and ensuring the highest possible quality ahead of analysis, in an efficient and performant way is absolutely critical for success. The Bitscopic team is ideally suited for this having overcome some of the most challenging aspects of this area by dealing with all content available across the entire web.

Bio Surveillance

In today’s world the ability to detect a possible outbreak, be it a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) or within the general population, is of utmost importance as the consequences of failing to do so could in many cases result in lost lives. Working with some of the best doctors in this field combined with utilizing the experiences mentioned above to analyze large data sets of Electronic Health Records used by the Federal Government’s hospitals has helped Bitscopic gain the deep understanding in the Bio-surveillance field which puts us in a unique position in helping advance this area by delivering cutting edge products.

Project Management

At Bitscopic we cater our project management approach to the project needs. Our Program and Project Managers are experienced in various techniques from Waterfall utilizing RUP, to Agile utilizing Scrum techniques.nEach engagement utilizes the appropriate methodology and approach to best fill the project requirements under budget, in scope and on time. We can also provide Project Managers and Scrum coaches to help realign your project needs.


We’re always looking for sharp candidates with a computer science or engineering background who are smart, passionate, hard working and get things done. We offer extremely competitive packages to keep them.

If you are looking to be part of a world class team, working on projects that literally save lives in a field that is increasingly gaining momentum, Bitscopic is the place for you. We are currently looking for talented individuals in:

  • Distributed computing (background in migrating relational systems to distributed paradigm is a plus)
  • Machine Learning
  • Informatica Development

To apply, please email us at jobs@bitscopic.com and let us know how you would like to be a part of the team. Be sure to include your resume.


Bitscopic Inc specializes in applying the latest advances in the fields of distributed computing and machine learning to bio-surveillence and related areas. Our team has worked with large national health organizations to implement systems to detect the early outbreak of potential biological threats and contain their spread. Bitscopic provides the highest quality consulting services, software solutions and custom application development, utilizing proven IT and management methodologies. Our
team has extensive experience in building mission-critical, large-scale distributed systems including corporate data warehouses and business intelligence for commercial, medical, financial and governmental institutions. Prior to working at Bitscopic, members of our team made key contributions to Microsoft's Bing Search engine as well as to many other large enterprise IT projects.


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