Introducing Praedico, Bitscopic’s family of next generation health informatics applications. Public health agencies, hospitals, clinicians and researchers can now integrate data from any source and explore in real time.

Praedico Infection Prevention

Clinicians can now identify hospital acquired infections faster and with better accuracy.

Praedico Public Health

Organizations can now be more effective in detecting outbreaks and impending public health threats.n

Praedico Clinical Pharmacy

Pharmacists can identify targeted clinical interventions, prevent ADEs, and optimize drug therapy in real time.

Praedico Clinical Surveillance

Administrators and clinicians can better identify at-risk patients, prioritize care, and improve clinical services.


Identifying clinical trial sites that can fulfill subject recruitment goals can be a costly, time consuming, and inaccurate process. PraediTrial ensures a realistic assessment of trial sites’ subject population and capabilities to successfully conduct a clinical trial. In addition, PraediTrial stays with you through the recruitment cycle providing study coordinators with alerts to easily identify subjects for your trial.


Introducing Praedigene, a new DNA Sequencing Library of microorganisms. Researchers and clinicians can use this reference library to identify drug resistance based on amino acid changes in the pathogen.


PraediPARV is our product technology that powers all our Analytics, Visualization and Reporting products.


A decision support, workflow efficiency, analytics, visualization and reporting system n that allows users, managers and administration staff to utilize clinical data for analytics and enables them to make better decisions as a result.


Machine Learning

Bitscopic’s Machine learning team has extensive experience in developing models that work with great precision on very large data sets, making sense of the otherwise difficult task of understanding the data at hand. This team has previously made key contributions to Microsoft’s search engine,, and has extensive experience working on petabytes sized data sets in an efficient manner.

Distributed Computing

The Big data team at Bitscopic, similar to the machine learning team, brings a wealth of experience having worked on Microsoft’s Bing, and is very skilled and experienced in building large scale distributed systems for storage, processing and analytics of data. As a core part of working with Big Data, the ability to prepare the data by giving it structure, standardizing it and ensuring the highest possible quality ahead of analysis, in an efficient and performant way is absolutely critical for success. The Bitscopic team is ideally suited for this having overcome some of the most challenging aspects of this area by dealing with all content available across the entire web.

Healthcare Analytics

In today’s world, the ability to detect a possible outbreak, be it a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) or within the general population, is of utmost importance as the consequences of failing to do so could in many cases result in lost lives. Working with some of the best doctors in this field combined and utilizing the experiences mentioned above to analyze large data sets of Electronic Health Records used by the Federal Government’s hospitals has helped Bitscopic gain the deep understanding in the healthcare analytics which puts us in a unique position to deliver cutting edge products.


List of resources available for download:
  • VA Case Study looks at a successful partnership and deployment of Praedico Biosurveillance system within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Download PDF
  • Praedico Biosurveillance Whitepaper. Request by email
  • Praedico Biosurveillance product brief. Download PDF


Bitscopic Inc. specialise in applying the latest advances in the fields of big data analytics and machine learning to health informatics applications. The company’s flagship product, Praedico Public Health is a state of the art biosurveillance toolset for early detection, monitoring, and forecasting of the outbreak of infectious disease. Bitscopic’s Praedico family of products are used by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and other government and research organisations. Bitscopic was founded in 2012 by two tech industry veterans who were inspired by the opportunity to use advanced software technology to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has development offices in Seattle, WA.

Our team is a collection of talented scientists and engineers with a unique mix of backgrounds from tech giants such as Microsoft, top university research centres, government public health agencies, and the healthcare industry. Our team members are passionate about developing applications that have a great impact on human life and well-being and are gifted in their ability to apply advanced software technologies to solve the real-world challenges such as public health informatics and biosurveillance, infection prevention, and clinical surveillance. 



Photo of Farshid SedghiPayam Etminani, CEO and Co-Founder
Payam has managed groundbreaking IT projects with US government agencies and was instrumental in the successful rollout of a new biosurveillance software platform for the VA’s Healthcare Associated Infection and Influenza Surveillance System (HAIISS) program. He is an accomplished systems engineer with well-rounded tech industry experience. Payam received his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering (B.Eng.) from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.


Photo of Farshid SedghiFarshid Sedghi, CTO and Co-Founder
Farshid oversaw the creation of several of Microsoft’s Bing search engine’s services and has designed and delivered mission-critical enterprise infrastructure for companies throughout the world. He worked at Microsoft for six years in various roles. Farshid has deep expertise in large scale distributed computing and analytics as well intuitive user experience. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Uppsala University in Sweden.


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